Master of Dreams,
Energy and the Unconscious

“I thank Sergio for revealing this ancient tradition. He has shown me a map to the world of the subconscious full of keys and archetypes that have given me unimaginable access to the programming of my unconscious. Now I can navigate the mysterious waters of my consciousness with the tools I have learned and see the world differently. Live what you say, speak your truth and we will be friends for life. “

Michelle Rodriguez.
Actress of the Fast and the Furious Franchise, Avatar and Dungeons and Dragons.



“We are what we dream. Collective change starts within the individual“
Sergio Magaña.
Teacher of the ancient Nahua Lineage

Sergio Magaña is a well known practitioner and teacher of the ancient lineage of Mesoamerica. Tradition that  that starts with the Teotihuacans, was passed to the Xochicalcas, the later Toltecs and finally the Aztecs. He has been trained in the Tol lineage of Nahualism, the knowledge of dreams that has been transmitted in the oral tradition from teacher to student for 1460 years without interruption.


For the Mexihca culture, the number 4 is the matrix of the Universe, because it’s a constant that divides the day in 4 main periods, the moon cycle in 4 phases, the year in 4 seasons splited by 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes. The cycle of the Long Count is divided in 4 parts, 4 times of the day, 4 phases of the Moon, 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes. The Long Count is divided into 4 periods of 6,625 years with 29 years of transition between one and the other, which are named SUNS or SOLES.

Today we are in a change of cycle placed (God, medicine, satisfaction, etc……) outside from the Fifth Sun, where our perception is outside of us to one of dreams or night, the Sixth Sun, in which when we close our eyes and see inside ourselves we will find our answers, of our unconscious and our dreams.

The last Aztec ruler, Cuauhtemoc, before the fall of the Aztec Empire, pronounced his famous speech in which he expressed phrases such as: “Hide our treasure, pass it from teachers to students, from parents to children”, because in the Sixth Sun it will come back.

We are at the moment of this return, in which this knowledge will be a pillar of the our personal transitions and the one of the humankind.


Short Time Transmissions

The importance of fire in ancient traditions has always been preponderant, considered the vehicle through Gods or Creatures that gave humanity knowledge, the importance of keeping it lit has been vital…

Like the universe itself, the energetic methods have to change when we change the cycle or era, sun, whatever we want to call it. It is undeniable that this change is taking place and that methods that were previously…

The winter solstice is one of the most important dates for the world’s knowledge, moment into which Christmas was built upon, the birth of the Inca, and many other significant dates…

Long Time Transmissions


For the ancient as well as for the modern Toltecs, Venus is of utmost importance. It was considered the star that divided the cycles of the day and night (tonal and nahual) the consciousness and the unconsciousness. Thus, Venus is the one who rules our existence which could be either one of a wise person, or one of a totally instinctive and emotional person trapped in his weaknesses. This planet was called Tlahuizalpantecuhtli in Nahuatl which could be literally translated as the high lord who grants passage to the lord in charge of bringing order into earth: the Sun.


First of all, we must recognise that at present, we have right before our eyes this amazing opportunity, a sun of darkness; where we can start glimpsing what we were unable to see before in the sun’s light; metaphorically speaking this refers to the fact that we are unable to see the stars and far beyond in the sunlight. Then, we should also consider that the perception we have of a body with an untraceable soul whose final destiny is either heaven, hell, or death is about to come to an end. 

Online Courses


More than 8 hours of video! This 500-year mandate was a reference to the treasure trove of how to integrate the conscious and unconscious minds. The Aztecs knew and finally the West would understand it with the Dawn of the Sixth Sun, a situation that is happening now.


The famous workshop of healing 7 generations, to make free the living ones and the death ones, and also giving the next step, the mother and the father are the main influence in the blood creating us, cut this influence to become child of the earth and the universe.

Our Bests Live Edited PROMOTION


An advanced mystical workshop that focuses on work with the underworlds, our individual and collective shadow, and our past and future. You will discover:
How to enter subtle worlds where your perception has no limits.
How to create light from darkness.
Learn this technique in the last version that includes your own shadow and reflection to change all the areas of you.


The master course “Psych Surgery” consists of what the ancients did to express problems with animals or objects, which were later destroyed. I gave myself the task of how, without harming any animal, to capture health and emotional problems, materializing them and removing them from your life and energy. I incorporated the Mexican energy system and dreaming techniques to achieve the most perfect combination, which currently results in positive results, between 70 and 80% of the times results in a huge improvements or complet healings for the people that were treated.


The use of a pendulum or radiesthesia is a very powerful tool that we can use to ask our stellar conscience (my superior self) where all of the answers reside, questions about our everyday life, or simply finding a particular object.
In this course, Sergio, in a very innovative and skilful way, has widened the usage of the pendulum as a healing tool…


This is part of the previous courses that Sergio taught before the Mexicanity. This course is definitely a life changing one. It starts with acknowledging ourselves as energetic generators. Our chakras or tonalcayos and body ¨letters¨ or energy bodies.
After this we will learn to be generators by charging or discharging people, which is the fundament of any energetic usage…


The Real Toltec Prophecies

The Aztec calendar is divided into natural time cycles known as Suns, each lasting 6,625 years. We're undergoing the shift from the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun, a 29-year transitional period that is both challenging humankind and offering new opportunities for healing and realignment.

The Toltec Secret

In this remarkable book, Sergio Magaña explores the history and wisdom of the ancient Toltec tradition. Closed to outsiders until now, this rich spiritual tradition is over 5,000 years old and was a touchstone for the Aztecs.

Caves of Power

Many people across the world today are looking for their true selves. The ancient Mexicans viewed this true self as the “caves”, which referred to our spirit, instincts, and subconscious. According to the Mexican tradition, we have seven caves of power—which are equivalent to the chakras—and healing these caves allows us to improve all areas of our lives.

The Dawn of the Sixth Sun

According to the Toltec/Aztec calendar, which describes larger cycles of time or Suns than the Mayan calendar...



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