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“We are what we dream. Collective change starts within the individual”
– Sergio Magaña.

Sergio Magaña is a well-known practitioner and teacher that starts with the Teotihuacans, was passed to the Xochicalcas, the later Toltecs and finally the Aztecs. Sergio’s knowledge comes from the Tol lineage of the Nahualism, the knowledge of dreams, that has been transmitted orally from master to apprentice non-stop for 1460 years.

After obtaining powerful knowledge about how everyone can access their own power and which areas of spirituality should be explored, Sergio Magaña has dedicated his life to teach the Toltec practices of dreaming, healing and rejuvenation.

For many years, he fulfilled his destiny through a radio show, 2012: The Days to Come, which had a huge impact in Mexico, and found himself organizing workshops for more than 2,000 people at once. He also gave healing to more than 10,000 clients in 10 years. After gaining powerful insights into how everyone can access their own power and which areas of spirituality should be practiced in this new era, he now dedicates his life to teaching Toltec dreaming, healing and rejuvenation practices, in combination with the other ancient and modern traditions and techniques that have made him a real bridge between ancient traditions and the modern world.

With a community of more than 100 thousand students, he has given courses and conferences about the ancient Toltec knowledge in various prestigious institutions in Mexico, the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom. To name a few of these institutions:
Palazzo Reale (Torino Spiritualitá)
Royal Geographical Society, London
Breaking Convention, Greenwich University
New York Open Center
Palacio de Mineria (Book Fair) Mexico City
World Congress for Holistic Medicine, Munich
Hay House I Can Do It, London and Birmingham
Los Angeles Conscious Expo
London College of Psych Studies
Alternatives London

Nowadays he also gives online training through organizations such as Shift Network and New York Open Centre Online

In her spiritual search, the famous Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez crossed paths with Sergio, adopting his ancestral knowledge as part of her life. Nowadays they are both writing the book called “The Seven Races”

In his task of spreading the Mexica culture, Sergio had the honour of being named president of Club UNESCO Mexico to preserve the intangible culture of ancient civilizations.

As a writer, Sergio is the author of four books, that have been translated into more than twelve languages.

“Dawn of the Sixth Sun”, 2011

“The Toltec Secret”, 2013

“Caves of Power”, 2015

The real Toltec prophecies about 2012, 2021 and 2026

A warrior only lives twice
one for himself,
one for his dreams
the forgone years
and life seems treacherous
until a dream appears
and FREEDOM is it’s name
freedom is a stranger

that shows the way
don’t think of danger
or the stranger would be gone
This dream is for you
for what it pays the price
Make of this dream a reality
A warrior only lives twice.

Nahuatl poem.