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“We are what we dream, the collective path starts with individual change”

 Sergio Magaña.

Sergio Magaña is an author of Hay House, Watkins Books and master of the Shift Network about the Toltec Tradition and the way to bring it to life in these times in order to heal our subconscious, as well as healing and rejuvenate our body, to reach superior states of consciousness such as lucid dreaming and states of dreaming so to reach the better version of ourselves and the precious knowledge.

Specialist in the four movements of the being: Shadow, energy,  reflections and matter and how to guide them for our self-improvement.

Since little he had an interest in spirituality and mysticism. His first mentor was his nanny Rosita, an otomi healer, later on he was a disciple of Laura Muñoz, Xólotl, and Hugo Nahul who commissioned him to transmit the Mexican wisdom to the world so to be appreciated what wasn´t seen on the previous 500 years. He was written four books among the best – sellers: The Toltec Secret, and The True Toltec prophecies. Soon his fifth work will be published: The Toltec legacy, written hand by hand with the famous actress Michelle Rodriguez.

During his career he has taken the Mexican tradition to the most prestigious forums around the world, holding a community of 80,000 students both local and foreigners. He has given conferences and courses about the ancient and future knowledge in Mexico, The United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Canada and the United Kingdom