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After obtaining powerful knowledge about how everyone can acces their own power and which areas of spirituality should be explored, Sergio Magaña has dedicated his life to teach the Toltec practices of dreaming, healing and rejuvenation.

He was the host of the famous radio program “The Sixth Sun”, which was transmitted in Mexico for 14 years with a daily estimated audience between 50 and 75 thousand listeners. The success of this program took him to organize a series of workshops with at least two thousand participants on each one. A result of this task was to heal through his knowledge more than ten thousand patients.

With a community of more than ten thousand students, he has given courses and conferences about the ancient Toltec knowledge in various prestigious institutions in Mexico, the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom. To name a few of this institutions:

Palazzo Reale (Torino Spiritualitá)

Royal Geographical Society, London

Breaking Convention, Greenwich University

New York Open Center

Palacio de Mineria (Book Fair) Mexico City

World Congress for Holistic Medicine, Munich

Hay House I Can do It, London and Birmingham

Los Angeles Conscious Expo

London College of Psych Studies

Alternatives London

Nowadays he also gives online training through organizations such as Shift Network and New York Open Center Online.

As a writer, Sergio is the author of four books, that have been translated to more than twelve languages.

The Dawn of the Sixth Sun, 2011

The Toltec Secret, 2013

Caves of Power, 2015

The Real Toltec Prophecies, 2021

In her spiritual search, the famous Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez met Sergio and made of him her spiritual teacher, adopting his ancestral knowledge as part of her life. Nowadays hey are both writing the book called “ The Seven Races”

In his task of spreading the Mexica culture, Sergio had the honor of being named president of Unesco to preserve the intangible culture of ancient civilizations.

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