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Venus Part 1

For the ancient as well as for the modern Toltecs, Venus is of utmost important. It was considered the star that divided the cycles of the day and night (tonal and nahual) the consciousness and the unconsciousness. Thus, Venus is the one who rules our existence which could be either one of a wise person, or one of a totally instinctive and emotional person trapped in his weaknesses. This planet was called Tlahuizalpantecuhtli in Nahuatl which could be literally translated as the high lord who grants passage to the lord in charge of bringing order into earth: the Sun. The way we perceive the sun and consequently the moon will depend on the reflection or the message we receive in our shadow, apart from our reflection of life

How does this affect us?

The conception we have from universe will be the same we have from ourselves. In the western culture this planet was called Venus, the Goddess of love and sexuality, the Roman representation of the Greek deity Aphrodite. So, what do Venus and Aphrodite have in common with their ancestors from other cultures which could be Egyptian, Mesopotamian or Sumerian?

The answer is that all of them were the rulers of love, sexuality, and vanity. In previous civilizations. they were represented by Isis, Nephthys, Ishtar, and Inanna; not only were they the rulers of love and sexuality but they also possessed the power of making war, had a lot of strength and were regarded as important as their masculine counterparts. Unfortunately, we can sadly see that when the most important goddess and the only one represented in the planetary system was defined, this marked the beginning of women’s degradation who are now considered inferior beings whose only role in life is either to be wives or concubines. Therefore, we can see that the degradation of the feminine gender that has occurred over the last thousand years did not start on Earth but in the celestial energy thus, being heaven the only place where it can be fixed. To think that this could take place below, in Earth, is out of the question since the world below is a result of the world above (thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven). Consequently, it was a disempowered Venus who created the illusion of a totally masculine sun (which was not always true) a previous belief which holds that God must be a man and the moon is an absolutely feminine essence, ruler of the feelings and emotions (something else that was not always true either), something that the Wise Toltec called the invisible trap of the moon. Sadly to mention, the feminine degradation spread out with a differentiation among races, minorities, plants and animals. This plan which initially started in Sumer became widespread with three main patriarchal religions which emerged from the masculinisation of the sun giving rise to the biggest and most complicated problems we are facing in our time such as inequality, racism, existential guilt, sexual dissatisfaction, the extinction of animal species and the seed of one of the biggest sufferings.

Why is the Venus or Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli project of utmost importance? Simply because what started in heaven can only be fixed from heaven and what originated on Earth can only be fixed on Earth. There is no better way to influence our unconscious beliefs than by entering the secrets of Venus’ orbit which forms a five-pointed star in the cosmos within the core of an apple. From here that this fruit has been included in the chronicles of paradise, or as the fruit that fell on Newton’s head, etc. Thus, Venus is a reflection of the sun, and the moon is a reflection of Venus.  So the phrase “What Venus does in heaven will be done on Earth” is a mere ruse created by the collective shadow. The wise Toltec knew this perfectly well and that’s why on the very day of the New Fire , in Tula the Toltec capital, Venus positions exactly in the middle of the four male female warriors in their most important temple or pyramid. With this the Toltecs left a clear message: Everything lies in Venus’ power to integrate the duality of the masculine and the feminine whose main principle is based on the acceptance that the sun is not only made up of a75 % masculine energy but also of a 25% feminine energy. This fact is represented by the four types of fire in the Nahua culture where three of them are masculine and one is feminine. We must also acknowledge that the moon is 75% feminine but it has a 25 % masculine counterpart which provides us with the control of our dreams and the knowledge to move away from our instincts. Venus must be a dual force, as copper the metal it is represented with is, a mixture of gold and silver.

In order to exert some influence of the Toltec message of Venus’ power on Earth which will determine the collective conscious over the next 52 years, we need to follow Venus ‘orbital cycle to correct the message in the collective shadow the same as the groups who corrupted the original dual message did and which will finally allow us to balance the power and reduce segregation of gender, race and human supremacy over the rest of the world. The next alignment of Venus will take place on November 24th, 2026, New Fire, new dream, but it will be the dream of those who know about the best guarded secret of all

Something which lies only in the hands of Venus.

How can I be part of this? By following Venus’ orbital period for more than one cycle. Only a few people know that Venus disappears in its orbit for a full night each lunar cycle and this can coincide with either the waxing or the waning moons. The same as on the black moon, this is the only day we can access Venus’ shadow and change the influence it has on our shadow or our unconscious, and from our inside produce a resonance effect on our lineage; from our lineage to our community, our country and to The Earth to finally balance power. Each of these days coincides with specific points of the body of the Goddess or hybrid female warriors of the so-called Atlanteans.

These dates are fast approaching and they correspond to the waning moon which represents the creation of our shadow, our reflection, our energy and of course our life.

These dates are the following:

September 9th.Three days after new moon, the beginning of the communication point between Venus and Mercury takes place when Venus re-establishes communication with Mercury, transmitting a new kind of message. The dual message of the Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli will be delivered to Painalli, or Mercury, who will give a different message to the sun based on the four fires:

1. The solar fire. A solar breeze whose expansion features will allow us to know the new identity of the sun.

2. The young fire. An expansive fire whose ambition will allow us to go far beyond the limits, destroying and burning, characteristics that can be used to fulfil the ambition of a spiritual being.

3. The wise fire. The one able to control the other two masculine fires leading them to wisdom.

4. The feminine fire. Chantico, represented in The Egyptian culture by Sekhmet, the lioness, laying the basis for the conception of the Il Ipalmenohua or Great Energy, Father and Mother: the creating force that will restore the cosmic order in our system.

October 9th. Two days after the new moon starts waning. These two days correspond to our perception centre when a new perception of the sun and Venus will be sent to our shadow and our unconscious together with a totally new perception of the moon in its feminine majority that will find its masculine part allowing the latter to take control of our dreams (our destiny) and of our instincts and emotions. We will also be creating the perception and mental waves of the Ancient Toltecs recorded in the Atlanteans, with their dual nature, enabling us to use both cerebral hemispheres indistinctively, thus, giving us access to information from stones and monuments to change our perception (totally dual) and bringing down the illusion of a masculine sun and a feminine Venus and moon, corresponding to the previous sun– something that can only be accomplished from an integrated brain.

The first two sessions will be totally free for different groups.
Only those who registered either with the follow-up promotion of the full cycle or those who have already paid the first two sessions will be able to take the full training.

The great kick off of Venus’ Project

Two days after the waxing crescent, will the exact moment to begin creating the vibration of the Atlanteans o Tlahizcalpantecuhtl take place, that is, they will be ready to fight and destroy the archetypes of a masculine sun, a feminine moon and a disempowered Venus ,with the weapon they are holding under their left arm , by self-sacrificing these aspects in us. Then, all women will be destroying these aspects in them and through them they will eliminate these same aspects in the rest of all women. Likewise, men should do the same with men who are hurt, doomed due to the lack of emotions, or because they make war or provide. Moreover, we will restore the power of guidance and leadership to the left arm. Symbolically, we will put a left arm with a cane of command on the Venus de Milo to start leading and commanding from the feminine masculine power in balance.
Thus, we will continue following-up the whole cycle of Venus over the next 20 dates with its disappearances in the night sky to open to a new destiny.


Afterwards, we will assemble the whole program

1. September 9, 2021
2. October 9, 2021
3. October 29, 2021
4. November 7,2021
5. December 6, 2021
6. January 24, 2022
7. February 23, 2022
8. March 24, 2022
9. April 23, 2022
10. May 22, 2022
11. June 21, 2022
12. July 20, 2022
13. August 19, 2022
14. September 17, 2022
15. October 17, 2022
16. November 15, 2022
17. December 15, 2022
18. January 14, 2023
19. February 12, 2023
20. March 14, 2023

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La utilización del péndulo o radiestesia es un arma sumamente poderosa para preguntar a nuestra conciencia estelar (Yo superior) donde se encuentran todas las respuestas, incógnitas sobre nuestra vida cotidiana o localización de objetos. Pero en este curso Sergio siempre en su manera vanguardista e ilimitada amplió la utilización del péndulo como objeto curativo, con cientos de testimonios desde cosas simples hasta aquellas que cuestionan los límites científicos y sociales. También creó la técnica con dos péndulos para compatibilizar personas, plasmar en uno el problema y el otro el remedio para lograr cambios extraordinarios sin efectos secundarios. Y la parte más importante como cerrar puertas dimensionales (portales a otras dimensiones por las cuales entran los Yeyellih o inorgánicos con los que tengas afinidad y que son causantes de múltiples problemas). No te pierdas el regreso de Sergio a los cursos que marcaron el inicio de su Carrera.





DATE: SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 From 11:00 to 14:00 HRS. MEXICO CITY (CDT) COST: $ 90 USD ONLINE (ZOOM) The use of a pendulum or radiesthesia is a very powerful tool that we can use to ask our stellar conscience (my superior self) where all of the answers reside, questions about our everyday life, or simply finding a particular object. In this course, Sergio, in a very innovative and skilful way, has widened the usage of the pendulum as a healing tool, with several testimonials supporting his achievements, from very simple ones, to those who question scientific and social boundaries. He has also created a technique using two pendulums to align different persons, to establish the problem in one person and the solution in another one in order to achieve extraordinary changes with no consequences. But the most important matter with this technique is how to close dimensional portals (portals from other dimensions from which the Yeyellih or inorganic entities enter, with who you may have some affinity but are the cause of multiple problems). Don’t miss the opportunity to watch Sergio in this course, which is part of the basic knowledge that marked the initiation of his career. You must be registered on the website to be able to buy, if you are already registered and you see this message, log in with your email and password. Click once to avoid duplicate orders, charge is in mexican pesos. Information:

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