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Past live transmissions without video edit.


From the cosmic mother to mother earth.

Due to the inheritance of the fifth Sun, with the fall of a gender and of classes and races, being a mother especially in the last 6000 years has been complicated, and the problems never begin in humanity but in the heavens.

Dimensioning we would have to clear the limitations that were given to Lady Two or Omechihuatl, the disappearance of the Ipalnemohua, as a great father and mother energy, which is a wound not yet faced, the degradation of Goddesses and thus passing through the female gender both in people and animals, have been considered minor until they took us to the waters and the earth.

Therefore, whether we are men or women, it would be to heal the entire feminine, left, tonal side of our energy, the one that allows you to create health, beauty and prosperity. We can no longer, nor is it enough to clean our mother and ancestors, by expanding perception power increases, but also responsibility. To heal all the forces that have caused others.


A 13 cm red obsidian mirror would be needed.

For a very long time it was thaught that the only mirrors used in ancient Mexico were those made of black obsidian, representing Tezcatlipoca, and the ones made of gold, mica or pirite, of Quetzalcóatl. Nothing further form the truth.

The greatest doctors chosen by calendar were trained in the red mirror, the blood one of Xipe Totec. Just as the black mirror takes you to the subconscious, the red one is the next step into controlling the two main forces of change, life and death, creation and destruction. The passing through all Xipe Totec’s invocations and feminine forces to assist you. The grat step for those who decide to stop living in order to resolve their past winds in order to start creating their divine future. The one who observes the star’s angles and their effects, and reproduces them in the mirror And changing reality. Very few cultures achieved this.

Don’t miss the chance to acquire this knowledge thaught for the first time.

Past live transmissions with video edit.

We know how difficult it can be sometimes to coordinate our multiple occupations with the exact time of a course or workshop that interests us.  That is why we have created the store of the Sixth Sun, where you will find only the on line courses or workshops that we consider memorable. That have evolved with new information for you to see whenever you want.


An advanced mystical workshop that focuses on work with the underworlds, our individual and collective shadow, and our past and future.
You will discover:
How to enter subtle worlds where your perception has no limits.
How to create light from darkness.
Learn this technique in the last version that includes your own shadow and reflection to change all the areas of you.


The master course “Psych Surgery” consists of transferring the energy of diseases and problems to animals or objects which were later destroyed. I gave myself the task of how, without harming any animal, to capture health and emotional problems, materializing them and removing them from your life and energy. I incorporated the Mexican energy system and dreaming techniques to achieve the most perfect combination, … At least 70% or 80 % of the times results in a huge improvements or complet healings for the people that were treated.


The use of a pendulum or radiesthesia is a very powerful tool that we can use to ask our stellar conscience (my superior self) where all of the answers reside, questions about our everyday life, or simply finding a particular object.
In this course, Sergio, in a very innovative and skilful way, has widened the usage of the pendulum as a healing tool…


This is part of the previous courses that Sergio taught before the Mexicanity. This course is definitely a life changing one. It starts with acknowledging ourselves as energetic generators. Our chakras or tonalcayos and body ¨letters¨ or energy bodies. After this we will learn to be generators by charging or discharging people, which is the fundament of any energetic usage…