Online Courses

We know how difficult it can be sometimes to coordinate our multiple occupations with the exact time of a course or workshop that interests us.  That is why we have created the store of the Sixth Sun, where you will find only the on line courses or workshops that we consider memorable. That have evolved with new information for you to see whenever you want. 

DAWN OF THE SIXTH SUN (more than 8 hours of video)

This 500-year mandate was a reference to the treasure trove of how to integrate the conscious and unconscious minds. The Aztecs knew and finally the West would understand it with the Dawn of the Sixth Sun, a situation that is happening now.


The famous workshop of healing 7 generations, to make free the living ones and the death ones, and also giving the next step, the mother and the father are the main influence in the blood creating us, cut this influence to become child of the earth and the universe. Ancient sacred ritual.