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March 2022 marks the start of the year of the rabbit, being number 10 the archetype of possibilities that would concrete. The rabbit is the outmost lunar symbol that represents weakness but fertility as well, and that takes us back to the mythology where yeyeliyh and pipiltin (energetic beings that feed from emotions) worried about the sadness of humankind, so they sent Meyahualli, the essence of happiness, to the maguey´s plant to create the elixir of happiness, pulque and mezcal, within an agreement with humans to just take two drinks otherwhise you would fall into the moon´s prison holding into circumstances you wouldn’t have otherwise being sober. From there it’s the origin of the story about meyahualli, therefore creating 400 rabbits or ways to achieve either grace or disgrace. 

It is not easy to recognize our own true nine rabbits, and even less, its not easy to erradicate them, they can be as diverse such as  the excess of work, loving somebody too much or eating too much as well, all this  eventually leading to self destruction.

In this era of change when all possibilities will be open, the rabbits as strength and weakness would be available, to discover them is extremely important,  and then, to destroy them or to nourish them? Do you want that the year 2022 gives it all to you? Or that it takes it all away from you? Tezcatlipoca as a main lunar symbol. That who does nothing accepts everything to be taken away from him. The decision is yours.  Unfortunately most of the people never got the term of omission Another aspect of the rabbit is its impassivity and therefore saves itself from death, but then it will no longer move. At least death is change and movement.