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“Ancient philosophy and mythology was not made by the ancients to be rationalized with the mind, but is a legacy to give it life in the present expecting extraordinary results.”  Sergio Magaña.

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One or Two Day Live Workshops


The Popol Vuh, a guide to become a correct human being according to the Mayans, is not a dead document, in reality it's a manual for anyone that wishes to convert into an extraordinary being. It starts from the beginning of the creation until the moment when the twins Hunabpu and Xbalanque (light and shadow) sacrifice for a new sun and moon, in other words, a new era.

Firstly decoded as a method of life, we will go from the effect that previous civilizations have left on us and how to clean it, how to give importance to our shadow and to interact with it for the creation of something magic and extraordinary, and how to overcome the tests we are currently facing such as fear of change, viruses, bacteria and other people attacks, and also to see the world in a different way where we create it and not the other way around. The most important work of Sergio Magaña´s career, urgent to confront this modern times.

5-7 PM TO know the Popol Vuh and the history of its creation. To see how previous civilizations are rooted in our body and to clean their weaknesses using water.

8-10 pm. Popol Vuh part two. The epic of the twins Hunab Pu and Ixbalanque and their trials in the Xibalba or underworld. To fully live the epic in our bodies so the interaction with our shadow creator starts and to start cleansing it so that it darkness so to bring back to our lives magnetism and life.

10-12 PM Popol Vuh the creator begins. To find the power of the thunder, hurricane and rain in ourselves, the three main creative powers within us. We will start to produce the thunder in our body in order to remake our nervous system such as the one that the God´s or feathered serpents possess.

1-3 PM The hurricane and its base in Venus and number eight. How to undo the fabric of our subconscious in fingers and toes and to obtain a new one. The way in which our body is conformed with all of its problems, which is leading into chaos, that the world is presented to us as something difficult and the structures of thinking that conform it as an opposite of the creator.

5-7 PM Venus, the planet of Qhetzalcoatl and Kukulcan. It's math is based on the eight number. How reframing our body based on this number, a perfect balance between light and darkness to shape our existence.

8–10 PM The fourth power, the conscious dream. To create the jaguar´s night in ourselves, and the beginning of the most advanced techniques of lucid dreaming created in the deep sleep, something that is considered by modern science to be impossible.

10–12 PM The reflection and learning who to adapt to it. The rise of the feathered serpent in us. The creator god´s, postures and exercises.

12-2 PM Creating shadow, reflex and energy of the feathered serpents or gods and how to maintain these sacred practices as a lifestyle.

The end of the retirement POPOL VUH THE EPIC OF OUR OWN LIFE.


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Very soon the dates of flying like an eagle again.  
Italy, UK, Canada, United States, Hungary etc…

4-5 May Lucid Dreaming.
6-7 May Conscious Dying.

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Maria Lampert    +36307603121

ONLINE and live class in English and Hungarian translation.

Hotel Benczur Budapest.

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