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Nowadays its well known that the virgin of Guadalupe is a mixture of the Virgin of Extremadura with the Tonatzin, mother earth of the Mexicans and its temple is located where mother earth was worshiped by the Aztecs.

The information of all the hidden feminine deities that are based on the teotenatzin code, and that relate her with coatlicue, the one with the serpent skirt (life and death) chicomecoatl (the seven serpents that provide support and healing) tonatzin (the one with heat that provides life) atlantonan (the lady of the great waters) that has the hidden past and emotional control, as well as the abundance and all of the forces that belong to places and mountains in Mexico.

In this passionate course you will learn to recognize them and there will be an activation ritual of this forces within yourself, that demonstrate why this is the most important symbol of actual feminine wisdom.

Course given by Sergio Magaña and Acatonal.